Veggie Boogaloo!

Welcome to my new and only blog! A big thank you to Todd Ritchie who originally designed my site and now has just completed updating it.

Recently, I have been writing my own stories and creating dummies. I’ve had a lot of help in the writing department from Phillis and David Gershator. I’ve also been taking a wonderful online writing class from Uma Krishnaswami where I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with listening to my guts regarding critiquing other people’s stories.

One of my stories I’m most excited about is called VEGGIE BOOGALOO! Above is the sketch I did for the first page and below are a few others from this story.






4 Responses to “Veggie Boogaloo!”

  1. Phillis Gershator Says:

    Hey Diane,
    Thanks for the nice mention in your blog. But you didn’t say the feedback has been mutual. Between our bagel and your veggies, we’ll have dinner, and plenty of food for thought.

  2. sharon lane holm Says:

    thank you for the tour! Wow, lots of inspirstion in Venice! Uma Krishnaswami–online writing/critiques? Can anyone take the lessons? Interesting.Love the veggies too!

  3. dianegreenseid Says:

    Hi Sharon, yes anyone can take the classes. Both Janee Trasler and I are taking it this time around. Janee has taken other classes from her I think. Check out Uma’s website for more info.

    Thanks for your comment!


  4. Jennifer Nelson Says:

    I LOVE IT! The work is fabulooooous and you are, as always, an absolute delight to work with.
    Thank you for the update.

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