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Just One More Book and Robert’s Snow. Oh Yeah…and Me!

October 29, 2007


I was interviewed on the wonderful podcast Just One More Book to promote awareness for the Robert’s Snow Online Art Auction for Cancer Cure. I hope you will not only listen but bid on the one-of-a-kind folk art ornaments created by my fellow children’s book illustrators. You will be able to receive a beautiful holiday gift as well as contribute to a very worthy cause.


October 22, 2007

What Happens When I Get My Brand New Book

October 13, 2007

I’m so excited and proud when my book is finally printed and I get to hold it in my hands.

But then I want to show it off and read it to somebody and no one is home, except…

They are the best audience in the world. They pay attention to every single word…

Laugh at all the right places…

And then quiet down and listen empathetically to the touching parts…

And then if I give them a treat, they tell me how much they love my pictures too! Who could ask for more!

School Visits and Illustrating

October 11, 2007

by Rubi at Paularino Elementary

Visiting schools is the best antidote I know for “studio-itis”. It’s rejuvenating and refreshing to take a break, get out in the world and spend time with children.

Photo by Lynda Modaff

I love meeting all the kids and hearing what they have to say. Plus they draw great illustrations and write wonderful letters, and I get to keep them! And some say I’m their favorite illustrator, that doesn’t hurt either (see below)! Here are a few of them.

by Marcus at Paularino

And sometimes they have suggestions for what I SHOULD have drawn:

By Reese at Paularino