School Visits and Illustrating

by Rubi at Paularino Elementary

Visiting schools is the best antidote I know for “studio-itis”. It’s rejuvenating and refreshing to take a break, get out in the world and spend time with children.

Photo by Lynda Modaff

I love meeting all the kids and hearing what they have to say. Plus they draw great illustrations and write wonderful letters, and I get to keep them! And some say I’m their favorite illustrator, that doesn’t hurt either (see below)! Here are a few of them.

by Marcus at Paularino

And sometimes they have suggestions for what I SHOULD have drawn:

By Reese at Paularino


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3 Responses to “School Visits and Illustrating”

  1. John Nez Says:

    Oh Diane! You look so grown up and professional at that book signing!

    Good to see your blog is coming along… though I’d be afraid to be a cat in that kitchen of yours with all those dogs around!



  2. Paula Pertile Says:

    Well Mrs. Greenseid, CAN you draw a bat like the one in the box? :~)

  3. dianegreenseid Says:

    Nope! I’ve tried drawing a bat at schools and need to be coached every step of the way by the kids.

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