What Happens When I Get My Brand New Book

I’m so excited and proud when my book is finally printed and I get to hold it in my hands.

But then I want to show it off and read it to somebody and no one is home, except…

They are the best audience in the world. They pay attention to every single word…

Laugh at all the right places…

And then quiet down and listen empathetically to the touching parts…

And then if I give them a treat, they tell me how much they love my pictures too! Who could ask for more!


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10 Responses to “What Happens When I Get My Brand New Book”

  1. Paula Pertile Says:

    Oh, how adorable are they?!!
    And congrats on the new book!

  2. Phyllis Harris Says:

    This is just too precious!! Aren’t dogs the best?! We have a golden, too. She’s getting so old but still as sweet as ever!

  3. Liz Says:

    They are very good listeners, those pups!
    Congrats on the new book baby!

  4. Hey Teach! Says:

    There is nothing like a pet. I love the pictures, especially when they laugh in all the right places.

  5. roz Says:

    I’m new to your blog(thank you Robert’s Snow)…and I just had to comment. Your dogs are Gorgeous and as I can see, extremely into your books! hahaha
    Looking forward to reading your blog in the future.

  6. dianegreenseid Says:

    Thanks Hey Teach! and Roz! Glad you both made it to my blog!

  7. John Says:

    Lovely Diane! You not only have a captive audience, but also several muses to work you story ideas out with. Envy!!

    Congratulations on the new book, your work as always is fabulous.


  8. Mo Says:

    Awwww, the pups!!! Grats on the book, Diane!! xoMo

  9. Mary Says:

    This is great Diane! Such cute little guys. Pure love.
    The books looks wonderful too. Congratulations!!

  10. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    ha! I love this!!! Congratulations Diane!

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