Just One More Book

May 19, 2007

My new favorite listening pleasure is to be found at www.justonemorebook.com, a great podcast all about children’s books and the people that create them. The hosts, Andrea and Mark, are so enthusiastic about children’s books. They make me want to run out and read every book they review. I love the interviews of the authors, illustrators, editors and other children’s book people. Mark is an incredible interviewer, always asking just the right question. This last week he went to the International Reading Association conference and was able to interview some amazing people including Elise Primavera, Jack Prelutsky, Tedd Arnold and Lois Ehlert. It’s so enjoyable and interesting to listen to these interviews as I’m painting. I was especially impressed with the work of Barbara Reid, someone whom I wasn’t familiar with. Her plasticine illustrations inspired me to go out and buy my own clay and give it a try. Not quite as easy as I had hoped, but going to see where it takes me.

And, of course, I was happy to see that Andrea and Mark decided to review THE TROUBLE WITH TILLY TRUMBLE!


Veggie Boogaloo!

April 30, 2007

Welcome to my new and only blog! A big thank you to Todd Ritchie who originally designed my site and now has just completed updating it.

Recently, I have been writing my own stories and creating dummies. I’ve had a lot of help in the writing department from Phillis and David Gershator. I’ve also been taking a wonderful online writing class from Uma Krishnaswami where I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with listening to my guts regarding critiquing other people’s stories.

One of my stories I’m most excited about is called VEGGIE BOOGALOO! Above is the sketch I did for the first page and below are a few others from this story.